Stream: Home Street Home (Musikal skriven av Fat Mike)

”Home Street Home” är en punkrock musikal skriven av Fat Mike från Nofx och som handlar om hemlösa barn och ungdomar. Föreställningarna kommer ske under februari och mars i San Francisco. Nedan kan du streama de låtar som kommer framföras på musikalen.


Fat Mike om Backstage Passport 2

I en intervju nyligen berättade Fat Mike från Nofx detaljer om uppföljaren till dokumentären Backstage Passport:

“We have Backstage Passport 2, which is coming out. We’re working on a deal with Netflix, which should be very cool, exclusive Netflix content. We had Backstage Passport 1, where we went to countries no one ever goes to, snorting ketamine and ecstasy in Singapore, which you’re not supposed to do, Israel, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines. We got in a lot of trouble and made no money. It was a disaster, but it was a lot of fun. This one is more about South America and making up all the shows that got canceled in the riots and also about me being — I’m not gonna say a drug addict, ’cause when I’m off tour I don’t do drugs, but an excessive drug user, and you get to see me at my worst. It was probably the worst night of my life as far as behavior, it was in Monterey, Mexico. It was all on film.”


Sound Advice ft. NOFX

Nofx har fått en lektion i hur man raggar mer popularitet, kolla klippet nedan.

”We talked to Janessa Slater – ‘Media Coach to the Stars’ to work on our image. What do you think of the new NOFX image for the upcoming tour?”

Sound Advice:
Janessa Slater (Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer) is a media coach who is here to help your favorite artists fix their image, one joke at a time.

A Fat Wreck – En dokumentär om legendariska D.I.Y bolaget Fat Wreck Chords

A Fat Wreck, en dokumentär om det legenadriska D.I.Y bolaget Fat Wreck Chords som startades av Fat Mike (NOFX) och hans dåvarande fru Erin på tidigt 90-tal, håller på att bli en dokumentär! Filmen produceras av Shaun M. Colon och där fans berättar deras story om vad Fat Wreck betytt för dem. Kolla teaser nedan!

Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch

För 20 år sedan, 1993, släppte Propagandhi sin platta ”How To Clean Everything” via Fat Wreck Chords. Detta firar bandet och skivbolaget genom att släppa albumet igen, fast denna gång med en del bonusmaterial. Bland annat 3 låtar som Fat Mike plockade bort från originalalbumet och en väldigt sällsynt 4 låtars HTCE demo. Nedan kan man höra på en nymastrad version av ”Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch”.


Fat Wreck Chords gör en Tony Sly Tribute


Tony was a fucking amazing songwriter and one of my dearest friends. His death was traumatic. Horrible. I’ve had friends die, but this was different. Tony wasn’t finished.

I’ve been putting together this tribute comp for some time. It’s incredible how many bands have called me wanting to be on it. It’s been my absolute privilege to put this together. What I wanted to show on this record is how amazing Tony’s songs are.You can tell a song is great when it can be done in any style and it’s still great. That’s what this comp is about. All the bands are doing No Use for a Name songs or Tony Sly songs with their own take. It’s a real tribute to his songwriting.

I wanted to make a comp that Tony would be so proud of. These bands were his closest friends and his favorite bands. I thank all of them for stepping up and showing their love and respect to Tony and his family. It’ll come out in a few months and we’re gonna have a fucking crazy party when it does. You’re all invited to do the same. 
– Fat Mike

Några av banden som kommer medverka är:
Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Dropkick Murphys, Rise Against, NOFX, Frank Turner, Pennywise, Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls. And about 20 more…